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she just asked

what is love?

she thinks that we don't know what love is;
that what we call love is simply us projecting our ideas of what love should feel like onto the person we wished we loved.

well she didnt quite say that, i paraphrased.

i thought about it. i thought that once too.
i really don't know what the answer is. i think that when you really truly in youre heart love someone, you know.

i knew.
this wasn't the "i think about him day and night, can't live without him, he's my everything, that bitch better take his hands of him," type of love.
i just knew i loved him. i still do. it's only been a week since he moved.

i knew i loved him.
he wasnt my everything.
but he was my something.
my love.
when he held me, i felt like i was floating
in a dream, and i never wanted to wake up.
his kisses were electrifying.
everything about him was electrifying.
our love could melt through a brick wall.

he was amazing.
and now he's gone.
i know i loved him.
and i'll probably never forget it.

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