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it was

thanksgiving yesterday.

when it came to my turnn to say what i was thankful for, i said food.
but in truth; im thankful for :

my bestfriends. 
even though one of thems a freak
ones a dumbass
and ones a dramaqueen
and they're all a little crazy
i love all of them 
because i know im not quite sanee myself.
they help me through my worst times
and ill always be there for them . 

im also thankful for Sava.
she is the sweetest little child ive ever set eyes on
and even though she is an annoying thing sometimes
she's still my baby.
and i love her.

my papa. im thankful for him.
he accepts me for who i am no matter what shit i pull.
hes amazing . 

i suppose im also thankful for the rest of my family.

at least i have family.
that's it.

i would have been thankful for him.
him too.

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