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i haven't

written in a while.

ive been sick.
i was sick for four days, i believe.
slept almost all day everyday.

i think its stress.
exhaustion from stress.

what am i stressed about?

-that racist bitch that i have to be with everyday until i leave this place.
-the fact that hes gone and i still miss him.
-all the work i have to make up since i took two sick days and was also sick on the weekends.
-and some things that are too private to even put here, a blog that's for my eyes only.

at least Tess is coming down this weekend to stay with me. i havent seen her in a while, but those weeks that we lived together made an unbreakable bond. were going to havee fun.
we want to get tattoos together.
just small ones, so i can still go to work with it.
i dont know.

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